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  • time cropping titles...

    Hello, new to forum and must say, very nice forum indeed. Very nice.
    Just wanted to mention a feature I have seen in 'some' converters. The ability to remove extraneous bits from start and end of titles. For instance, adding a t.v. program to the queue that has a few moments of commercials before and after the program. I like cropping them out of the title to clean them up a bit. Does that make sense? Not sure how else to state it. I see that fab has a 'title start/end settings' button, but that seems to be limited to chapters. I would very much like to see that same edit feature include 'time' cropping. I have a couple of programs I use for my Ipod that will remove bits of unwanted material from the title, but Fab is so 'full-bodied' that I am surprised this feature is not there. Sound like a feature you might consider? Would be very nice. Then I can uninstall the other progs. from my HD!
    Thanx in advance.

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    I can second that, on a movie it can easily be 100 mb titles/lead. And even better would be if u could cutout parts of movie. (like commercials / series trailer that are 5 min in and realy annoying if u watch more episodes)


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      yes, 'title start/end settings' is a good request.