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3 Things DVDFAB could add on.

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  • 3 Things DVDFAB could add on.


    Some of these have already been stated but I would like to put them altogether and also ask something myself.

    3 Features that would be great:

    1) BD50 2 BD25 FULL
    2) BLU 2 MOBILE (Main movie to mkv for example)
    3) optional: BLU2BLU Main movie but with customised sizes. not just 8100- 8968MB for a BD9 max size. This would be amazing if you could put BD9 size as 10000mb for example or your own bitrate.

    I tried File to mobile on m2ts to mkv but the bitrate only went to 5000 when i need it 8000-11000 to be available.

    See what I do is do a Blu2main movie bd9 on 8968mb then i use another program to mux it for ps3 use. I then burn 2 or 3 movies onto a bd-r for playback on ps3.

    let me know