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  • BD Copy Bluray custom compression size

    Hi, I posted in other forum and admin recommended I post here so here's my original post!

    I too would love to see this option, even if it is just removing the upper limits in the bd25 or bd50 "writable size" but a true "custom" size would be awesome.

    For instance, I'd love to be able to set an upper limit of my main movie BD's to be archived to media center never to exceed 30 or perhaps 35 gig, so anything with main movie larger I could have a consistent size.

    As it is now, I have to "lie" to increase the upper bd25 size to the largest possible (26.x gig) and that's the biggest right now I can ever re-compress a main movie.....there's just a lot of space between 26.5 gig and say an obnoxious 41 gig main movie, and compressing that obnoxious movie all the way to 26.5 gig is giving up a bit more quality than I'd like.

    Just a suggestion to the fab team.