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  • DVDFab (UI/General) Remote phone app

    Scan feature doesnt work well. Unable to locate a session in use on my PC
    There were no other computers running at the time on my home network, only the dvdfab session on a desktop, the router, 2 static printers and my phone.

    Scan did not automatically find the session and I had to type the address in manually

    Any improvements would be greatly appreciated - manually configure an IP range to speed up the scan time or exclude ip addresses would be helpful.


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    Any updates on this? I was able to connect regularly from the iPhone app to DVDFab 10 running on my Mac Mini but no longer. It also can't find the session even when I've manually added both IP addresses for my Mac (WiFi and ethernet). I get the same results from the Android app with the latest version of DVDFab 10.