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    I know there was a thread on this. The creators basically said, "Whoa, way too hard!"

    I honestly do not think it is that difficult. Split the movie up in multiple small chunks, transcode, and then mux them together.

    I mention this because Ripbot264 has a distributed mode, where you can install multiple things on other machines, and use the CPU resources of these to do your 2-pass encoding.

    I was in the process of ripping BBC Earth - Life, and DVDFab was showing that all 3 Episodes were all compacting into a single video, which I didn't want. So I loaded up AnyDVD, grabbed the files I needed, and then plugged in 4 Server machines I have here, and did the distributed encoding across 5 nodes total.

    I'd love to see like a client you can run on a machine, and if windows share or common location that each of the machines can access can be met, you can distribute chunks of work out to each worker, and go from there. I was able to encode HEVC 10bit in about 1 hour per video using just 2 extra machines (I only have a single 1400w power supply and 4 of the servers share the same chassis - SuperMicro Twin2u) But each server has 2 x 5680's in 24GB of memory. Would be awesome for me to be able to throw these machines in the garage, and when i rip HEVC 10Bit, it can accelerate it a bit using 2-pass.

    In the past, this simply was not feasible, but I believe it to be feasible, and I believe you guys can do this. I would even pay a higher cost for this functionality, even tho I spent quite a bit for a lifetime pass of DVDFab 9, and 10.



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    Figured this would have gotten some good feedback and thoughts... appears that I was wrong. :-(

    I think this is something that can be achieved. I hope you guys consider it, and if you need help, I'd love to give feedback and thoughts. I can even "donate" some equipment for testing purposes.


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      I just did testing with 16 clients, and it worked incredibly well HEVC 265, but the problem is, ripbot264 doesn't allow you to easily do some of the stuff DVDFab does.