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need command line or option to avoid file name problems

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  • DVDFab (UI/General) need command line or option to avoid file name problems

    I bought "24 hours" which ran for 8 years and 6+ disks per season. The disk labels are all identical "NEW" and the titles are all "NEW". It would be nice if when I ran dvdfab64.exe if I could supply a destination path prefix such as "/usevideo=s1d1" so that the 6 or so MP4 named new1.mp4, new2.mp4, etc, go into the directory s1d1 instead of "VIDEO". Alternately, an option in the GUI would be better such as [ ]Destination File Prefix _______ or something like that

    I also notice that dvdfab64 /? no longer displays command line info.

    In the past, when I had similar problems, I ran a batch file that ran dvdfab and then did the renaming. Can I assume command line options are being depreciated as it is not in dvdfab64.exe?

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    I think you can do what you want. First create the folder you want to save your mp4 files in. Then in common settings (general) uncheck the top box this will turn off the video subdirectory. Then when you select the movie to rip go down to the bottom in the "save to" click the folder icon and browse to the desired folder. To change the name of the mp4 created see the attachment:
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