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    DVDFab (UI/General) MVC Codecs

    Hi there,

    I really like the concept of the MVC codecs software but can you add the options of being able to save the left/right eye separate files as two separate m2ts files in addition to the MKV as well as allow to input left/right m2ts files when muxing back into the MVC format? The reason being that if one encounters a 3D film with TrueHD or an Atmos soundtrack then it becomes a problem when inside the MKV container. You're not able to demux with third party tools like Tsmuxer because it won't recognize the audio stream and when using MKV extracting tools it becomes a thd file that one needs to convert to a standard AC3 in order to make it usable and obviously it's no longer TrueHD. It's a huge pain.

    Thank you in advance.