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    I have DVD's that have subtitles for multiple languages, but not English. For English they have closed captions, which can't be selected with DVD Ripper. I know it can be done, because Handbrake can do it. I would like to see the option added to DVD Ripper.

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    I second the motion. You also run into this with many classic tv episode DVD's. They often have no subtitles but do have closed captions. And if this won't be done anytime in the near future, would it be possible to keep the closed caption stream when converting to mp4's. Right now I have method that works but it's very time consuming. If I rip the episodes to VOB format which retains the closed captioning data, I can process the VOB files using CCExtractor which will extract the closed caption data to .srt file. But I still want to store the episodes as mp4's. So first I have to rip to VOB, process the VOB to pull the captions, then rip to MP4.