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  • DVD Ripper Episode creation from a single title

    When ripping a DVD I'd like to ask if a feature could be added to allow duplicating the output similar to duplicating a source and here is why. On some TV DVD's there are no separate titles for each episode, so you have to break the episodes out by chapter ranges. This all works well except for the fact that in order to do this you have to duplicate the source for each episode's chapter range which in effect creates separate output folders for each single episode. So if a single title in my example has 8 episodes that have to be broken out I end up with 8 separate folders for each of the 8 episodes. If you created an option to duplicate the output rather than the source, when all 8 episodes were ripped they'd be in a single folder. Then all that would need to changed for each output would be the output name(name of the episode) and the chapter range for that particular episode. As you'll notice in the attached screenshot, I had to duplicate the source for each episode, rather than if there was a duplicate output feature, they would all be placed in one folder. Unless of course this feature exist I'm missing how to do it. Please advise. And thanks for your consideration.

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    I just realized they do all go in a single folder if you copy the first source every time. But I still think it would be cleaner and more intuitive with a copy/duplicate output option rayher than a copy/duplicate source. Then the display would look very much like it does when the DVD actually has separate titles for each episode.