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  • Audio Pop and Click filter

    Hi guys..

    Just a feature request for pop/click removal from the audio track.

    Even if it meant another pass through the ripped file I would prefer mine didn't have any of those annoying pops and clicks. My sound system goes mega-redline when an encoding hiccup trips up the audio track.. and there's no way to tell it happened until you watch the movie.

    It's actually quite funny sometimes as I'll launch 15 apps in the middle of ripping one of my wife's girly flicks and force an encoding error. LOL She's watching "Because I said so" or some crap.. soft music, lots of dialog.. then
    ---POP--- ---SCRATCH--- -=(CLICK)=-

    I'm sitting in the other room

    But for her sake, something to filter the audio and keep it from blowing my speakers would be awesome.


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    There is only one way around this !!!

    Stop launching the 15 apps....


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