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retaining original date and time of data files

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  • DVDFab (UI/General) retaining original date and time of data files

    when using dvdfab to rip and burn.

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    If you use Clone mode, I believe the original folder/file dates are retained. For other type of copies (e.g. Main movie, Full disc, etc.), if you use Imgburn to burn your discs, using the 'Write files/folders to disc' mode, you can change the volume date, and also folder/file dates under the 'Advanced' tab using the 'Use Custom Date & Time' option to manually match those on the original disk, or any other date/time that you choose. You also have that option in Imgburn using the "Build" mode (i.e. create an ISO structure from folders/files structure). There is not an option to individually set date/time for each file or folder separately, just globally, but typically all the folders and files on the original usually have the same (creation) date. Yeah, I know it sounds like you are asking to be able to do this in Fab automatically (checkbox option ?), but until they add that provision (if they do), this would be a way to accomplish that, albeit manually, with same end result, and doesn't require a lot of effort to do it this way. Hope this helped.


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      hope it will be an option to future release of fab