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More "working" Advanced Features for Power Users

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  • More "working" Advanced Features for Power Users

    Can we get working advanced features? How about MORE instead of less.
    When I got this update to replace version 9 I was expecting MORE advanced feature control, NOT LESS. The de-interlacing feature is dumbed down to a radio button for on and off.
    The Customized bit rate doesn't work when you set the value higher the "High Quality" setting. The video editing is too simplistic.
    If a person is going into "Advanced Settings" they should be "advanced". Casual users should be justifiably cautious when changing settings here because they ARE SUPPOSED to be advanced.
    Please fix what you released and give us more control over our rips. Thanks

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    I think removing or fixing the bitrate cap on the DVD ripper would be a great first step! Version 9 never had a cap and that is why I bought it, so I could rip DVD's at their full resolutions, not 3000kbps like version 10 & 11 are capped at.