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Info on LG WH10LS30K blu-ray burner install process

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  • Media Players Info on LG WH10LS30K blu-ray burner install process

    Passing some heads-up info on an LG WH10LS30K blu-ray burner install process.

    I ran the setup disc that came with the LG. The disc loaded a whole bunch of supporting apps by Cyberlink, including the Power DVD 9 app which I needed to view blu-ray movies. (Disc Info: "Super Multi Blue Install Disc for Windows", ver 1.2a)

    I later noticed that when I booted up my computer, my Win7 security was blocking a mysterious app from going outbound to the internet. When I checked my Windows msconfig/startup list, I noticed that there were 9 CyberLink and 1 LG apps (and possibly more) enabled. These were all automatically installed and enabled by the LG disc setup process.

    I knew from past experience, that if I don't well manage my Windows startup list, it can seriously lengthen the boot up process time. When I Googleing the related xxxx.exe CyberLink/LG apps to find out their functions and benefits, I noticed that there were many others before me asking similar questions.

    All the apps that I checked were determined to be very mysterious wrt its function and with very cloudy (if any) values to the user. Checking closely, I noticed that some of the startup apps appear to have a string of multiple app included on the same line (NOTE: Can anyone confirm this if can be done, because I'm by far a Win7 apps guru) . I felt that CyberLink was being sneaky by adding these 10 (plus) apps to my startup list, and I felt a trust had somewhat been violated.

    I got tired of the process of trying to track down all those apps, so I disabled them all, with the thought that I could enable as needed if my LG burner hiccups.

    It's been over a month, and I've ran my LG burner through all my nornal paces (playback, burn, LightScribe, etc). .. No Hiccup, and I still don't know what all those apps were supposed to do.

    I'd be interested if anyone else found similar with LG/CyberLink setups...Maybe it not a big deal, or there's some benefits that I'm yet to discover.


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    If you're not having problems with your burner with all those exe. files disabled. I wouldn't worry too much about it.