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  • CLI wont close DVDFAB

    I have a windows script using the DVDFAB to rip/covert my movies automatically. Its been working fine upto for about a year now, no major issues.
    About a month or so ago (maybe 2 versions back), it stopped closing DVD FAB when the rip was done.
    Im not sure how to describe this, but it finishes the rip, then closes the window, but it leaves this little "video" window (kinda looks like the preview window).
    The only way I can get my script to continue is to open taskmgr and kill the DVD Fab process. (The movie rip is complete with no problems.)
    It is consistent, does not matter what movie, does it with all dvd's.
    If I do it manually, it works normally (I dont have to use taskmgr to close)

    My CLI command is:

    "%DVDFab%" /MODE "MAINMOVIE" /SRC "%%Y" /DEST "%TmpDir%" /CLOSE /OUTDISC "DVD9" /VOLUME "%DVDName%" /AUDIO "English" /TITLE "AUTO"

    DVDFAB version (full lifetime license)
    Windows 7 pro x64

    On a seperate note, while there are include options for DVDFAB, is there any way to "exclude" certain things:
    1) never include director's audio overlay (sometimes it pulls this instead of the movie audio and its something I never want)
    2) never include subtitles

    Let me know if there is any additional information I can provide.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.