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  • Lg be12lu38 $134.99

    LG BE12LU38 12X eSATA/USB LightScribe External Blu-ray Writer BDRW with Software Cyberlink

    http://www.mwave.com/mwave/SKUSearch...0&pagetitle=LG BE12LU38 12X eSATA/USB LightScribe External Blu-ray

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    BE12LU38 Comparison/Benckmarks Using DVDFab

    After doing some market research for external BR burners, I purchased this item (BE12LU38) from Amazon (Paid a little more, but not much). Wanted to use an external BR burner to supplement my legacy internal BR burner (LG WH10LS30) that's been giving me problems. Also to use with my laptop that has a read-only BR drive.

    The main reason I selected this particular LG BR burner, is the potential speed offered by it's ESATA capability. While checking around, I noticed that LG had another almost identical BR burner on the market (the BE12LU30). I could not find any difference in specs between the model "30" and "38", so I opted for the higher model number. (Aside from their model numbers, I'd be interested if anyone can point out the differences between these models.)

    Only had this unit a few days. But I want to share some very preliminary bench marks I got using DVDFab Blu-Ray functions to check it's speed with the ESATA connection.

    In trying as much a possible to keep my CPU (Intel i7 quad) and Graphics card (GTX 570) out off the loop, I used a 21.9 GB copy of the movie "Prometheus" that I had made on an Optical Quantum 25GB 4x BD-R disc. The following provides the results:

    Read from BR-disc to PC/HDD (Raid) with DVDFab:

    LG BE12LU38 (x12 external drive, ESATA connection to PC):
    - 8 to 17 MB/s data transfer rate as shown on DVD Fab.
    - Total time to copy from disc to hdd was about 30 minutes.

    Pioneer BDR2207 (x12 internal drive, SATA connection):
    - 14 to 35 MB/s data transfer rate as shown on DVD Fab.
    - Total time to copy form disc to hdd was about 14 minutes.

    Write to blank BR-disc from PC/HDD file using DVDFab:
    LG BE12LU38: About 20 minutes to write-to-disc a 21.9GB BR movie.
    Pioneer BDR2207: Not Tested/Benchmarked. (Can provide info later if interest exist.)

    Looks like using the internal BR dive is twice the speed (1/2 time) to the external ESATA BR drive.

    Ciao, GadgetVictim