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    I use AnyDVD for a long time, but I had to resort to DVDFab when AnyDVD down due to the legal reasons, and I found it is another good choice. DVDFab also supports the latest discs, which erases my misunderstanding on DVDFab before. It is really a pity that DVDFab will not crack aacs 2.0, maybe it is a good way to avoid the risk from AACS-LA I think. Now I have both AnyDVD and DVDFab, thank you all.

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    I don't post much, But i will say this, AnyDVD bad mouths DVDFab on there forum. Like there doing now under there new name REDFOX.

    You don't see DVDFab talking garbage about AnyDVD, So now AnyDVD is hiding in Belize and is now being operated by there Ex Employees.

    They think there the best in the business and programmers, They better visit a doctor for a condition called OCD. BTW I have nothing to do with DVDFab, It's just some people in life never grow up!.


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      Enough on the subject thread closed.
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