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  • Cleaning Dvd's and BluRay Disc's

    hello. i am new here so please don't bite lol.

    i have a Question and i thought this was the best area to post it . what is the best product's and ways to clean a dvd and a bluray disc . i have a bunch and well with the kids and others they can get dirty and finger prints on them . also is there one product that cleans the dvd and bluray player. also if there is how long should one wait to reclean a player . i am sure depends on use , lets say it gets used in a week maybe 15 to 20 times depending on the kids wanting to rewatch the same movie over again . sorry for the bad spelling and grammer ...

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    use either mild soap & water or rubbing alcohol and dry with a lint free
    cloth going from the center of the disc to the edge


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      I use 90% rubbing alcohol and lint free cloth as theirs less impurities in it rather than the 73%.
      There's a cleaning disk for the dvd player with a tiny brush that you can spay with a little cleaner spay or you can use a can of compressed air to clean the laser lens it shouldn't need it to much unless used in a dusty room.
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        Cleaning Optical Media

        I have a couple of old Discwasher Radial CD cleaning devices, that are designed to use a special fluid and do a great job of cleaning a CD sized optical disc properly. They look something like this . .
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