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Best setting to for Blu-Ray backup

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  • Best setting to for Blu-Ray backup

    I want to get a 1 to 1 backup of the main Blu-Ray movie as an ISO to my HDD. Does it make a difference what the output is i.e.; db25 do 50 etc. Can I Clone just the main movie as a 1 to 1?

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    Leave it set for 50 gigs if you want a uncompressed iso.At the bottom save to box click to the right side next to the folder box click it that's the make iso box then after you click on it the info box should direct the output to your hard drive as a uncompressed iso if you click on 25 gigs on output you can compress it to fit a 25 gig disk.
    Clone mode copy's the whole disk so you do it from main movie.
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      Kind of thought so, thanks for the reply.


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        By the way, as an FYI. If you backup the movie using the folder option to the HDD, Power DVD 14 and later releases can open the movie folder and no Cinavia is detected.


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          Are you sure the movie has Cinavia on it what movie are you talking about?
          Power dvd 11 and under doesn't see cinavia over version 11 it does and it's in the audio track so making a folder doesn't work to get rid of Cinavia,

          Fab media player never will see it.