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bd deepwater horizon copy to zip drive

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  • bd deepwater horizon copy to zip drive

    manythanks in advance
    I would like to copy my blu ray deepwater to a zip drive. Can the same res, bd etc be kept? do I output to iso file on computer then transfer to zip drive? Been trying to read up and test the different functions of fab as I have been a member from 2014. any help would be great..
    again manythanks

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    How many gigs is the zip drive? if it's big enough a iso should work check how big the uncompressed movie is you may have to compress it if the movie is bigger than the zip drive blu rays uncompressed are normally 25-35 gigs uncompressed.If you just did main movie it will be smaller.
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      honestly, did not think about size. 25-35gig jumps to the 32 or 64 gig drive. good size price hike for stocking one for each movie. Will the copy to iso file saved on computer be same quality as disc, what about compressed what loss would be noticed? Should I not be concerned about blu ray quality when drive is replayed on pc,tablet or usb tv slot. In the past I have just dropped to zip drive from mp4 off hard drive with several movies on each zip. Noticed more not so good pics now with newer tv's etc.


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        Why put them on sticks much cheaper to buy USB plug in hard drive then you can put a whole lot of movies on it and it's portable.I use hdmi from computer to hdmi tv or projector and play off the hard drive you could also use a external media player with a plug in hard drive should your tv not be able to play from a USB hard drive directly.

        You can make hi quality Mkv's and they should look very good about 8-10 gigs each depends on length of movie or if you can playback H265 then that will make smaller sizes.

        If you are using a lap top to view then you can compact them even more.

        The Iso to disk can be the same as disk use clone mode or you can compress it to 25 gigs or use main movie and not compress it or compress it depends on how big your playback device is and if you want the HD audio.Clone makes a exact copy of the disk as a iso.
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          Perfect. you have me thinking, I feel in the right direction. still need to study more on this 265.. tried with fab to go to 265 and after many hours failed. There is so much needed to learn from fab and mainly from folks like your self.

          greatly appreciated for all the reply.. a big help


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            another question if I may.

            is my all in one fab, Plus own just about everything else fab makes, does this v10 have cinavia module ?? have the blue ray loaded and its talking about activating the cinavia removal icon. nothing happens.


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              Did you purchase the cinavia removal tool ??


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                Yes I double checked both dvd and bd, it is life time also and shows reg at this point.. If I can remember correctly one of my questions to customer ser came back saying it was include with v10 of my life time. Never followed back to see if refund was possible if understanding correctly


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                  To make h265 use ripper in the top bar of choices then click on what ever is in the top left corner circled in red in my screen shot this is the profile you want to use my last used profile was 3dmkv your last profile used will be in that box click on it to open all fabs profiles click on video to show all video's profiles.

                  Now their are two h265 profiles their is mkv and mp4 h265 circled in red that fab can make in my screen shot.so select one of these you can adjust it's settings clicking the wrench symbol that opens advanced settings.It's faster to make this from blu ray already on the computer but can be made from disk also.Not every player can play back video made with h265 so try a test video and your player to see if it works with h265 video.Their are tutorials for everything Fab has so read them also.
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                    I am taking your advice.. been reading up on what i can find also. I took the 25+G bd disc and ran it thru to bdmw to desktop. It showed complete at 19+g. I took a zip drive 32g and tried copy direct to it. only 9+g transferred. had my first fast perfect bd to dvd .. know its not 1080 or 720 maybe 400 but let dvd play on and my eyes showed a perfect movie when watching parts. Is the iso file the only file type that can be output to hard drive? Maybe I should forget about backup a bd to a bd file to harddrive and zip drive. mkv 265 per your instructions the best path.


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                      You can output many different file formats to the computer hard drive depends what the player and TV can play on what format you should use.If you use h265 test it on the tv as it may not play back on some tv's that's why theirs 2 profiles for h265 mkv or mp4 so try both or read tv manual the computer will play them back with Fab media player and some others but not all.Here's fab user manual

                      And the learning center page read the tutorials.https://secure.dvdfab.cn/member.htm?...rackID=navmenu


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                        Ok, reading manual, playing with the different options with some not working for me.. maybe...

                        nothing learned overnight. Let me spend more time and hopefully if I do have another question it will be you or someone else with the advanced knowledge level ..some of you guys are top tier on this .. you are very nice and helpful

                        again manythanks


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                          Why not just put all of your movies on a media player of Some kind
                          And just play them that way. Plus you would also never have to Worry
                          about cinavia either as media players are immune to cinavia.


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                            Thanks October
                            Recently upon reading/study the many threads here what you pointed out became clear and made a good thought/point.

                            I also thought the media players was something easy to understand and in doing so took my lap top on the road. Soon it was learned we had to have internet access for the 3 I had installed/updated/purchased .. Again my learning curve was improved by the folks here .. internet access is not available in majority of locations.

                            Not totally ruled out either, just on back burner until know more on how to use it

                            manythanks for the help