Out of curiosity: DVD Regions are usually only used for Video-DVDs (The Region code is stored in the file "VIDEO_TS.IFO" [table "VMGM_MAT"], byte offsets 34 and 35), but I think they could also used as part protection of other DVDs (e.g. games).

I imagine it like this: A protection program would check the Region of the drive the DVD is inserted in (it would work like the program DVD Region Info), and if the drive has the right Region (the result of the check is compared to a value stored in the program code), the software would run, otherwise a message would appear: "This DVD is designed to be used in Region X, but the drive has the Region Y."

Is such a protection imaginable? Would DVDFab Passkey bypass this Region check, or does it only work for Video-DVDs? (YES, e.g. with autoreset firmware it should be possible to bypass the protection, but as I said, I am asking out of curiosity. Or is there a way to recognize autoreset firmware ?)

Thank you in advance!