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    Blu-Ray Ripper setting with PLEX

    Hey all.. i was just wondering if there was anyone else out there using PLEX as a media server for their library and if so, what are the best settings in Blu-Ray ripper to provide for the best compatibility/performance with various devices such as Sticks, Consoles, AppleTV.

    I have read the post with Tips for new h265 settings, but that is a few years old now.

    i have experimented with MPEG-4, h.264, h.265... and its hit or miss if the video plays without pausing multiple times through-out the movie with h.265 being the worst. it seems all of the formats always need to be transcoded while streaming as well which is why i wonder if its a settings thing i can change in DVDfab software to encode the file so it doesnt need to be transocded while streamed.

    want to use h.265 as it creates the smallest size file.. but it seems MPEG-4 is the best performing as far stable streaming, but is the largest file size.

    any ideas/suggestions/help is appreciated.


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    With hard drive prices as low as they are, the small file size offered by h265 must be weighed against the additional work that must be done to encode and decode the format. You might wish to use MediaInfo to compare the encoding specs of files that play smoothly and ones that don't. That should give you some insight into changes in DVDFab settings to improve the results

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