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  • Well Paul Sr VS Paul Jr

    Well Paul Sr VS Paul Jr

    it was on tonight and I gotta say Sr was his typical self and sort of screwed himself in public view.

    Admitting on radio and TV that OCC is worth 0, the company has no value.

    Why he wont pay Jr for his 20% share in it.

    So Jr offers to buy his 80% then, which was priceless, since OCC is worth nothing

    The OCC bike build was crap also, looked like the godaddy bike, same squiggles, and as neat as the rime could be they screwed it up too.
    There should of been a paint contrast like a real computer board.
    All shiny aluminum made it blend into nothing.

    Gonna be a hands down Jr takes all show.

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    Yep...after the family split the show began dying.