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  • burning to dvd

    how do I burn to dvd a video that I down loaded and it shows it is a DVDRip.xvid-aAF?

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    You cannot with Fab. Also, piracy will earn you a ban quick time!!!
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      Hi jec
      Please give this a read through Observance of Copyright Laws in the DVDFab Forums
      The owners of this forum and suppliers of the software discussed here do not support or condone the theft of intellectual property in any fashion, but believe that consumers that purchase entertainment media products have the Fair Use right to 1) make a single backup copy for security purposes and 2) convert the content to a form more suitable or convenient than that in which it was supplied. Discussion of other use of the software that infringes on the rights of the copyright holder will not be permitted, including specifically but not limited to copying rental DVDs or games or copying any content that the user does not personally own. This is an International forum and copyright laws vary from country to country. The user of the software bears sole responsibility for its use in compliance with local laws.

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        This is the second time you have been warned about copyright laws and forum policy.

        Use your suspension time to memorize post #3.
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