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RIPPER to MP4 is blurry. Settings Issues?

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    DVDFab v9 RIPPER to MP4 is blurry. Settings Issues?

    Using DVDFab I am wanting to move my DVD's onto a ext HD as .MP4. I ran several DVD's and viewed the end product. I get these kinda ghostly like images and studdering. Definitely not the quality I want. Can anyone send me a snapshot of the settings I should have? I can't even see how to make mkv files. Much appreciated

    See here - http://www.dvdfab.cn/dvd-ripper/how-...mp4-ripper.htm


      Load a movie in Fab ripper open advanced setting on left side see screen shot you can start with hi quality as I set the pull down box then see audio I checked audio copy if you want to keep the same sound as on dvd if not uncheck it and save room if you want just a stereo soundtrack.

      You can set Fab to make any dvd video for small devices or in your case I assume you want to use it on larger tv screens so if that's the case set for hi quality.

      The better the quality you make it the bigger the file gets.You can have it also so theirs no compression at all just like the dvd it will also be the same size then depending if you keep the same audio or just stereo audio many choices to choice from.
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