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  • DVDFab v9 download_config.xml

    I think I know the answer I'm going to get, but I'll ask anyway..

    I am running Every time I exit the program it creates an empty file called download_config.xml on my SSD. Is there any way to stop this?

    The PC I'm using DVDFab on is not connected to the Internet, hence I can't update to V10 as that talks to at least a dozen IP's non-stop (Not just when it starts)... Such as Google, Akamai, iWeb technologies, DVDFabStore, Amazon, Cloudfront, mail.ru(?) and more... and comes up with an error when attempting to start the program. I get that to Run V10 I have to have an active Internet connection at all times, but that seems pointless from a privacy point of view as too many people are getting too much information from DVDFab about what I'm doing.. Just saying

    Any way, V10 and Internet was not the reason for the post, the Download_config.xml file is. Is that going to be the same issue?


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    I'm using v10, and don't have any problems. The file is there but doesn't cause any issues.

    v10 is much nicer & easier than v9


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      Originally posted by jrogers1965 View Post
      I'm using v10, and don't have any problems. The file is there but doesn't cause any issues.

      v10 is much nicer & easier than v9
      I respect your opinion. Mine is radically different. In any case, perhaps your PC is connected to the internet. I installed v10 several times on my test PC which is most definitely not connected to the internet and v10 will not run.

      As my opinion of v10 is essentially the opposite of yours it's not an upgrade I want to make. And so far I haven't had to.

      Agreed, it doesn't cause any "issues" perse. It's just another useless file dropped. My C: drive is littered with such files. NZXT CAM drops a couple of empty folders, and some useless files. As does movie label... The list is quite long. At what point do we say enough is enough?

      It's like the "How many processes does your PC run?" debate. Mine runs 44 on Windows 7 x64. The average is much higher (80 - 120?), because people really either don't care or don't know how to keep their PC running optimally.

      But I digress. The question is about the xml file.

      With all due respect, it isn't that hard to be a little more conscientious with one's programming. And nothing gets fixed if one does not bring it to the attention of those that can fix it.

      Last night I connected the test PC to the internet. The file remains, so it isn't related to the connection to the internet. It's just (Shall we say) "Accidentally" left behind.

      And this is certainly not a major issue. It barely qualifies as a minor issue. So I'm not asking that we stop the world while it's fixed. If it gets fixed it'll end up in the "Other minor changes and fixes" bucket list. No big deal.
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