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Saving a project in DVDFab Blu-Ray Creator for Mac

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  • Saving a project in DVDFab Blu-Ray Creator for Mac

    Recently purchased this software. After I burn a Blu-Ray DVD, how do I then Save the project (on a Mac)? Can't see any icon to do that nor is there a "Save" function in the file menu. Also I can't seem to determine how to change the image that goes in the menu thumbnail. The program seems to just default to the first image in the video I'm burning. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.............frank

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    1. About the Save To field, please check image attached.
    Click image for larger version

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    2. We will add the feature to change the menu thumbnail in the future.

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      Thank you Mona. I did select my burner in that Window before burning a DVD, but are you saying that after burning the disc I then need to go back to the start, select a folder in that box, click Start and then go through the process again? Seems awkward that there is not a Save Project button that would pop up once the disc is burned since it seems most other programs do that. Perhaps that feature will be added sometime. Anyway, thank you again for the reply.