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  • jeff8a
    started a topic DVD 5 Option for DVD Fab 10

    DVD 5 Option for DVD Fab 10

    This is probably a simple fix but . . .

    Whenever I try to back up a dvd using DVD Fab10 the resulting output file is over 4.7GB, requiring me to use a double layer blank should I want to burn a copy.

    Can someone tell me (as in maybe a screen shot) where on the DVD Fab 10 program I can change it so the file is compressed and will fit on a regular 4.7GB blank dvd?

    I want to clone a dvd or make a full disc copy.

    I still have DVD Fab9 and there's an option to go to DVD5 but would rather use DVD Fab 10.


  • LaciBacsi
    If you select the tool icon in the main screen, it will open and 'Advanced Settings' screen. From there, you can select the output size using the drop-down list. For DVD Copy, you can select DVD9 or DVD5 for output. (See screen shot below)

    Btw, you cannot compress using Clone mode, since that mode makes a full identical copy (protection removed) of the original disk. You can compress using Full Disc mode (or any of the other modes such as Main Movie, just not in the Clone mode).

    Click image for larger version

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