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L0ng Time To Copy DVD Why?

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  • L0ng Time To Copy DVD Why?

    Why does it take a very long time now to do an old DVD that is less tan 4 gigs no protection.. It takes 2 hours now since I upgraded to The last one Too Young Too Die just trying to put on the DVD Media Server but any DVD takes 2 hours plus. Everything use to be 20 min or less. Nothing on my equipment has changed, I have no malware, viruses, or randsomware. Blu Ray take more than 4 hours. Any Ideas or suggestions would be appreciated to assist me in determining what is causing the issue. There are no errors. When I allow the process to go to completion everything is good. It just takes too long.
    Thanks in advance

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    try clicking common settings - general settings - tick " check for DMA automatically " click reset DMA if highlighted
    restart dvdfab and retry your discs again.
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      Its Fixed
      Thank you! DMA reset worked. The reset in DVDfab was greayed out. I have the passkey also that I had not thought about, and the setting in passkey allowed me to do the reset. It work like it knows what its doing now. Thank You!