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A Few v11 Questions

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  • A Few v11 Questions

    Hi all,

    I have been using DVDFab for years off and on. I recently moved to v11 and have a few questions.

    - I found all of the profiles, but I don't see where they can be edited. Was this removed or am I looking in the wrong place?
    - I thought there used to be some advanced settings for rendering options and such. I am getting a message that rendering is using CUDA, but in Windows task manager, I am not seeing GPU usage go up, but my CPU usage is at 100% (Intel Core i5). I am rendering to x265 MP4.
    - What are most people doing about subtitles? I don't want them burned in. When I used the x265 MP4 profile and selected English, they appear to all be burned in. Is there a way to embed them as a Subtitle track that can be turned on and off in MPC-HC or VLC? Or, are most users using Plex or other databases to sync up external subtitle files?