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Unable to search network from movie server

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  • Unable to search network from movie server


    My question is about adding new Shares to the Movie Server.
    When I first setup my Movie Server I created a link under the Video section and this is how I access all my content on the NAS drive.
    Now I'm trying to add another link connecting to a different shared folder on the NAS. However, when I select the Search Network option to locate the shared folder I get nothing - it fails to find any servers on my network. What is going on?
    The Movie Server is properly connected to the network, I can see if from my computer and am able to manually copy files to the local storage - I've been forced to use it in this painful way for the past few weeks.
    The NAS Media Server works fine, the folder I set up when I first got the DVDFab Movie Server still works - I just cannot add any new ones.
    My NAS is a Synology Diskstation.

    Any Help would be much appreciated.

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    Sorry, posted in the wrong location - moved to dvdfab-movie-server forum