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no contents in some DVDs, others work just fine?

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  • no contents in some DVDs, others work just fine?

    I'm trying out DVDFab for the first time, version 6.0.7 running on Vista.

    I put the DVD in. A little box pops up saying "reading".

    A few disks work fine and it listed all the chapters. A rip from one of those disks worked great.

    On two other disks, it says "reading" and nothing whatsoever comes up. It must know something is in the drive because next to the "Source:" the volume title automatically changed. But it doesn't find any titles. One not working is a cheesy B horror film called "The Rats" (20th Century Fox). Another one is how-to video for dog owners (produced by a small volume video service). These aren't big-budget videos likely to have fancy copy protection. These same disks DO play fine if I just play them as movies on this computer (like in Win Media Player), so I know the disks aren't bad. I can also browse the filenames in explorer.

    In DVDFab no error message ever comes up.

    Removing and reinserting doesn't help.

    Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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    Try this:-

    In your settings.....
    If PathPlayer is on, disable it.
    If PathPlayer is off, enable it
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