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i love dvdfab but

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    i love dvdfab but

    i loves this program the copy moods are cool. but when i burn blu rays or dvd they burn but im not able to play them back on my home theater blu ray player. its like the dics was never finalized or it just stop in the middle of a burn for no reason. is there any other blu ray burn software i could use with dvdfab?

    Try Imgburn - it's free and works great.


      It is quite possible your bluray/dvd player does not like the brand of media you are using. I had this issue with few off brand/cheap blank disks. One stand alone player (I believe it was Sony.) would not even bother with it. A Very old Samsung player would have no problem and easily play the burnt disk!

      You need to narrow down the reasons causing this. Obviously, you don't want too many coasters. Especially bluray media is not cheap.

      Are you able to play these disks with computer?
      Can you try these recorded disks with relatives's /friends's equipment to see whether or not hey are playable?
      Have you tried the lowest speed to burn them?
      A better brand name media? (Verbatim IMHO is the best!)

      As Rich86 suggested, Imgburn sometimes is the solution.
      If you update software on the player it seems the update causes restrictions and may not play burnt media. I learned a lesson once and never bothered updating again.