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DVDFab products is out (September 18, 2009):

What's New:

DVDFab Updated!

* New: Updated language files.

DVDFab "DVD to DVD":

* New: Added support for new copy protections as found on DVDs (Knowing, etc.) from EUROVIDEO, Germany.
* New: Improved PathPlayer performance in certain cases.
* Fix: Playable content may be removed in very special case when PathPlayer is enabled.
* Note: PathPlayer is very stable now, we strongly recommend user to "Always enable PathPlayer".

DVDFab "Blu-ray to Blu-ray":

* New: AACS MKB15 (Easy Virtue, US) is fully supported now.
* New: Improved copying performance when there are multiple unit keys.
* Fix: Blu-ray disc cannot be opened when there are certain authoring errors.

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