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New!DVDFab Qt is out (November 9, 2012)

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  • From DVDFab Staff New!DVDFab Qt is out (November 9, 2012)

    New!DVDFab Qt is out (November 9, 2012)


    Note: There is a special version of DVDFab v8.2.1.8 here: http://forum.dvdfab.com/showthread.p...ewpost&t=19529 that supports "Brave" (DVD).

    DVDFab Qt (November 9, 2012)

    What’s New:
    New: Added support to control write speed for DVDFab burning engine.
    New: Updated language files.

    DVD Ripper:
    Fix: A crash problem when ripping DVD with PCM auido to generic.mp4.h264.aac profile.
    Fix: A freeze problem when ripping to mp4.h264.aac in certain cases, such as "The Dark Knight".
    Fix: An audio problem when ripping to audio.mp4 profile.

    Blu-ray Copy:
    New: Added support to copy BDAV disc in Full Disc mode.
    Fix: A no sound problem when copying BDAV disc to DVD in certain cases.
    Fix: A freeze problem when copying Blu-ray to BD25 in Main Movie mode in certain cases, such as “Men In Black 3” 3D.

    Blu-ray Ripper:
    Fix: A subtitle out of sync problem when ripping with idx/sub files in certain cases, such as: "Inception", "The Hunger Games" and "Knight And Day".
    Fix: A subtitle problem for mkv.remux profile.

    Blu-ray to DVD:
    Fix: A problem that the resolution is wrong when copying Blu-ray to DVD.

    Blu-ray Creator:
    New: Added support to create multiple titles for multiple sources, which means user can switch title when playback now.
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