New! DVDFab is out!

New: Added the support for some new Java protections.
New: Added the support to remove Cinavia watermarks found on the Chef (2014) and Whiplash.
New: Improved the support for 3D Blu-ray copy and conversion.
Fix: An OpenGL problem when starting DVDFab in certain cases.
Fix: A crash problem when opening DVD discs in certain cases.
Fix: A problem that the final result does not play back after compressing a full disc Blu-ray to BD25 size in certain cases.
Fix: A failure problem when converting Blu-rays/DVDs on Windows Vista system.
Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.


MD5: E334FEDB1AE1968B92D0858A4E3FABC0
SHA1: B1A1ED8D8EF7F8E68EBB4062727010DEDCF6F21D
CRC32: A5FA594B