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  • DVDFab x64 v11.0.1.7 DVD Creator FlexBurn Error

    I repeatedly have been getting errors while burning DVDs. The error message says "(FlexBurn) I/O Error! Cdb: Test Unit Ready SenseData: Write Error" with options to retry or cancel. I've tried Retry but the error happens again. I have disabled PathPlayer and was able to complete one or two DVDs, but today I got this same error again while running with PathPlayer disabled, so I don't think PathPlayer is the cause of this problem. Which files should I send you to help troubleshoot this problem?

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    how fast are you burning your dvds ?? try burning at 4x speed.
    also what brand of blank media do you use ?? try using Verbatim media.


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      1- Try to decrease disc burning speed,
      2- Try to uninstall and reinstall the CD/DVD drive.
      Check if you have enough allocated disc space on your local drive.
      3- Try a different type of disc (disc drives can adjust to various disc properties, but it may not be the case when you apply an update to your operating system.)
      4- if these don't work try a clean boot directions here-