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  • DVD Creator FlexBurn Error

    I repeatedly have been getting errors while burning DVDs. The error message says "(FlexBurn) I/O Error! Cdb: Test Unit Ready SenseData: Write Error" with options to retry or cancel. I've tried Retry but the error happens again. I have disabled PathPlayer and was able to complete one or two DVDs, but today I got this same error again while running with PathPlayer disabled, so I don't think PathPlayer is the cause of this problem. Which files should I send you to help troubleshoot this problem?

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    how fast are you burning your dvds ?? try burning at 4x speed.
    also what brand of blank media do you use ?? try using Verbatim media.


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      1- Try to decrease disc burning speed,
      2- Try to uninstall and reinstall the CD/DVD drive.
      Check if you have enough allocated disc space on your local drive.
      3- Try a different type of disc (disc drives can adjust to various disc properties, but it may not be the case when you apply an update to your operating system.)
      4- if these don't work try a clean boot directions here-


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        I tried a different Verbatim DVD and the problem is gone. I have used Verbatim exclusively for years, but last time I was looking for my favorite ones (AZO) they were more difficult to find than usual. The other Verbatim disks were indeed the source of the problem. Thanks for your attempts to help -- you were indeed correct about the disks. I didn't need to record more slowly..