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How to make a simple DVD Menu using Chapter Marks???

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  • DVDFab v11.0.3.6 How to make a simple DVD Menu using Chapter Marks???

    My video is coming from Final Cut Pro X for Mac and has Chapter Markers. I want to have buttons on the main menu of my DVD to jump directly to that part of the video.

    The Menu Settings options appears to offer very little no customization. For a DVD I get a single thumbnail, a PLAY and a SCENES on the home menu. The SCENES menu has the exact same thumbnail and a HOME Button. There is a

    How I want to have this look. I don't want anything fancy.

    - I want to use a JPEG of my choosing for the entire background.

    - There should be a PLAY ALL plus a listing of each chapter that is clickable. Such as:
    Play ALL
    Play Chapter 1 (which I want to customize the text of the chapters)
    Play Chapter 2

    - It would be nice to use thumbnail images with each of these chapter titles.

    - I don't need a SCENES menu or anything others

    - I don't want the funky boxes around the PLAY/SCENES at all

    I have also played with the BluRay Menu Settings. It appears SOME of the templates allow me to choose my own background. BluRay Menu Settings also has an option to allow me to set the one thumbnail to a selected scene from the video. Still not of much use.
    I also cannot get Creator to use Chapter Markers! I did a test to a DVD ISO and the Chapters do not work.

    Can any of these be done with Creator???

    Is there any up-to-date manual for Creator? I find an online "TIP" for DVDFab 9 but it is very short.

    I am very frustrated and wish Apple's iDVD were still around.

    thank you for any tips.

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    DVD Creator doesn't support to retain the chapter mark of the source video file, it will create a chapter every five minutes.
    I will pass your post link to our product manager.
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