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Cannot delete unwanted items in Bluray Creator 'Menu'

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    DVDFab v11.0.8.9 (Win) Cannot delete unwanted items in Bluray Creator 'Menu'

    I am currently using the trial version of Blu-ray Creator and so far quite happy with the tests ive done.

    I am however having a real annoying issue with the Menu creator. I am trying to click and 'Del' unwanted items like 'set-up' , 'scenes' and the thumbnail video that is set by default. I click these items and press delete on the keyboard and nothing is being removed. I found a little guide on your website saying this is how you remove items. But, it's not working for me.

    Any help appreciated!



    have you tried rebooting your computer and
    then trying to delete the unwanted items ??


      It's still the same after a reboot. I can't believe they bother even adding a Menu as there's little to no customization here. Add text but no way can you remove any of the items added by default. I don't need 'set-up' and 'scenes' every time. There's not even a blank template to start from scratch. Some of the icons at the bottom (change background image, add text, add widgets etc) are not usable even when I click on various parts of the template.

      I downloaded all of the templates available and some let you change the image background, others (x3) don't. (How can anyone really test this software with it crippled so much. I'm happy with the ability to change the background image and the ability to play multiple files/movies per disc, but this is unusable for me. I have tried many different Blu-ray burning programs, but from what I've tested so far, DVDFAB is the ONLY one that actually plays the disc back without jitters or skipping. Just the Menu that let's it down. Shame really because if it wasn't for this, there's a good chance I may of paid for this.
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        Hi ymo1965,thank you for your feedback regarding the our Creator, I've passed your forum link to our developer and product manager.
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          Have heard back via email about this issue. It seems these items in the menu cannot be removed. Oh well, the search goes on ....