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blue ray to ipad conversion quality issues

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    blue ray to ipad conversion quality issues

    hope this is the right forum. i'm a long time owner of dvd fab but recently i purchased the blue ray converter so i could convert my blue ray rips (whole disk in folder structure mostly from other program) to watch on my ipad (actually mostly for my son who has all his pixar movies on the ipad) but the picture quality is terrible on the conversions (whole movie in folder structure is perfect) i dont know exactly how to explain it, it is not artifacts or jitter, it is like there are dark and light portions of the screen that alternate dark and light about every 1 to 2 seconds. almost like you had a tinted piece of film strip and held it over various portions of the screen for about a second then moved to another section then another then another. it is horrible to watch.

    i've tried 2 pass ipad, and 1080 ipad formats to no avail. normal (no-blue ray) disks convert perfect.

    i'm running on a i7 (920 if i remember correctly). it converts relatively fast (1 pass in about 40 minutes) but just cant seem to get decent picture quality.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Try changing the A/V Codec settings in common settings of DVDFab to Software only for all choices. Also remove the check from Enable Lightning-Recording to see if that helps