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    When changing the settings for the bluray ripper there is an option to output both AAC and AC3 and pick the default track.
    I would like to output AAC as default, AC3 as secondary and then copy original HD audio as the third track.

    In every case through the GUI you can select the HD audio and either AAC or AC3 but there is no selection that can get me to get all three in the file.

    Right now I am ripping the bluray with just the HD content, and then muxing the file in handbrake to add the desired tracks in the right order. Is there a way to do this without having to use another tool or am I stuck with my current solution?

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    DVDFab 10 doesn't support to output both AAC and AC3 and in the meanwhile keep the original HD audio, I will pass your request to our product manager.

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