DVDFab Forum - Blu Ray Cpmression and Other foul ups

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Blu Ray Cpmression and Other foul ups

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    Blu Ray Cpmression and Other foul ups

    Maybe it's because I am spoiled by how well Fab as worked over the years but I am really tired of making coasters with any DVD that has to compress even a lousy Gigabyte,

    Really, when is it going to;

    1) Not take hours upon hours to accomplish disc compression without taking half a day. Right now I have my new copy of "Hot Tub Time Machine" making its first attempt on another machine than my primary telling me it's going to take 17 hours to accomplish this. I guess that's better than it never going to finish on my main box.

    2) When one does actually finish compression and burn a copy, rarely is it playable in any of my blu ray devices.

    This is not acceptable.

    I have two machines equipped to do Blu Ray, both have LG WH10LS30 drives with the latest firmware. I do not have any BR ROM's. Both are running powerful AMD quads with no less than 2GB of RAM, one runs XP Pro and the other runs Win7 Pro. The hard drives I have the files saved to are SATA II Western Digital with no less than 60GB free.

    I am a professional Tech, self-employed with 8 years experience. I am no n00b but I am absolutely stumped and disappointed. I can not find any problems on my machines to explain this. This leaves the software. I have told myself that these troubles will be ironed out in the next release but it's looking like it's getting worse with 17 hours and counting going on right now. I'm sick of it. Please advise.

    I would like to hear from someone with Fengtao or another user that has any ideas. Right now I am irritated that I have had to resort to a user forum, I have little time for such things. I expect software towork and if it doesn't I don't use it. I have told myself that they'll get this ironed out

    Could you tell us what kind of hardware is in the computer that you use most? What video card? There's a few different quad-core AMDs, so which one are you using? An older Phenom x4? Athlon II x4? Phenom II x4? Those are the two main things when it comes to compressing blu rays. Processor and vid card.
    DESKTOP: Asus M4A79XTD EVO/AMD Phenom II x4 945/4GB GSKILL DDR3-1600/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 SC/BFG Tech 600Watt/NZXT M59/LG BD-RE GGW-H20L/Lite-On iHAS124 Y/WD Velociraptor 150GB/Seagate 1.5TB/WD Caviar Green 2TB/Acer H213H 1080p
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      my compresion takes 42 mins....

      but then again i do have a high end pc


        my old set up was core 2 duo @2.13 4GB ram and nvidia 7500LE
        compression use to take 5-6 hours.
        But after some upgrades back up LOTR return of the king a
        30.6GB to BD25 in 1hr 44min in fast/normal quality mode.
        let us know what your pc specs and setting are maybe
        we can speed you up.
        Windows 7 64bit ultimate
        CPU: i7 4770K @4.5 vcore@1.28v temps 27c/67c
        RAM: 16GB DDR3 @2133
        GPU: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB
        SSD: 2 X 60GB OCZ vertex 3 RAID 0 (boot drive)
        HHD: 1 TB WD BLK (storage and back up)
        PSU: 760W ,Fans 1x200mm and 2x120mm


          Help Us Help You

          If you are posting about an operational problem with one of the DVDFab products, you will improve the speed and accuracy of the response by providing some information in the very first post that will probably be needed.

          First, make note of any error codes or messages that appear in popup boxes and put them in your post. Information on error codes that appear in the DVDFab UI are captured in one of the logs we request below.

          DVDFab keeps logs of its activities that supply basic system information and can help pinpoint where and when an error happened and help pinpoint the cause. The default location for these logs on most Windows systems is:

          C:\Documents and Settings\your username\My Documents\DVDFab\Log

          The logs are simple text files that can be opened with Windows Notepad. If the size exceeds the forum’s attachment size limit, you may need to delete older entries or copy and paste the relevant ones into a new file.

          dvdfab_internal.log Attach for all problems. Time stamped, most recent at the bottom. Please edit to include only the most recent or relevant log session.

          dvdfab_burn_vso.log Attach for all problems. The entries are time stamped with the most recent at the top.

          dvdfab_burn_imgburn.log Attach if you have ImgBurn set as the burning engine and the problem concerns disc burning. Time stamped with the most recent at the bottom.

          dvdfab_process.log Attach if DVDFab crashes and the crash report window does not come up or complete correctly or if internal error codes appear in the DVDFab window (“Task Failed…”). Time stamped, most recent at the bottom.

          Other Information:

          Depending on the nature of the problem, it can help to know:
          If this happens with all discs or just one
          Your operating system/CPU/memory configuration
          If you are using external hard drives or optical drives
          If you have made any recent changes to your OS or system hardware
          If you have other DVD or BD software installed, particularly if recently added.

          Posts with all the requested information will be answered first.


            Main movie mode works very well. Also I have found issues if I removed all the BluRay protections and Region Code. Since I own the BluRays I have no need to remove these except for space considerations. I found by not removing these I have better sucess playing the burned copies on all my players. You can go into the settings and uncheck the removal of the protections and see if that helps.

            Hardware makes a huge difference in backing up BluRay since it is larger in size especially when compressing.

            I use those same LG drives and they work fine with DVDFab even with LTH media.

            You really need to post more info to get better help from everyone. Most people here are very good at helping people out. Post the logs from Fab etc.

            Win7 64bit Ultimate
            Gigabyte UD7 motherboard
            Corei7 2.93 Quad
            12 GB Kingston memory
            GTX 480 SuperOverclocked
            LG 10LS30 Drive
            LG GH22NS40 Drive
            5 Hitachi Deskstar 2 TB drives


              Originally posted by thisizbrian View Post
              my compresion takes 42 mins....

              but then again i do have a high end pc
              my comperssion takes like 3 hours what are your pc specs 42 min would be great for me


                Average process time for a 40 Gig Bluray to main movie only, to BD9, removing HD audio is about 1hour and 45 minutes. And that is with slow High Quality processing.

                machine is in my sig.

                AMD Phenom II X2 550 Callisto unlocked to 4 core Denab @ 3.8mhz, MSI 785GM-E65 M/B, 4 Gig Geil DDR3-1333, EVGA GTX-260 192 Core, Corsair 700 W power, LG-BHO8LS20, LG-GH22LS50, IHOS104 DRIVES, 750 WDC Caviar Green, Hitachi 500, 2 TB WDC Caviar Green, SATA HD Drives, ASUS Xonar Essence SXT Sound, 2 Samsung SYNC 2333'S, Windows Vista 32 Buisness Edition.