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    When analyzing process is done, the disc opens as supposed. The title that is selected is 30 and it only has 2 chapters. My logs:
    DVDFab (2013/02/04 15:46:04)

    0m 02.24s: GPUAccelerate: 0
    0m 02.24s: CUDA cap: 0
    0m 02.24s: Support coreavc decode: 0
    0m 02.24s: Graphics info: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 : :
    0m 02.24s: Qt Translator file load success
    0m 02.35s: Load config successful.
    0m 02.62s: Init profile data driver sucessful.
    0m 07.37s: Init GPU settings sucessful.
    0m 07.37s: option dvd2dvd 0 dvd2mobile 0 bluray2bluray 1 bd2mobile 1 bd23d 1 bd2dvd 1 file2dvd 1 file2bluray 1 file2mobile 1 filemover 0
    0m 07.39s: dvd2dvd:dvd2mobile:blu-ray2blu-ray:blu-ray2mobile:blu-ray23d:blu-ray2dvd:file2mobile:file2dvd:file2bluray:
    0m 07.78s: Config ExBar successful.
    0m 07.78s: dvd2dvd have 8 elements.
    0m 07.89s: dvd2mobile have 31 elements.
    0m 07.90s: blu-ray2blu-ray have 4 elements.
    0m 07.95s: blu-ray2mobile have 20 elements.
    0m 08.84s: blu-ray23d have 7 elements.
    0m 09.09s: blu-ray2dvd have 1 elements.
    0m 09.14s: file2mobile have 30 elements.
    0m 10.49s: file2dvd have 1 elements.
    0m 10.54s: file2bluray have 1 elements.
    0m 11.01s: Config work ui controls successful.
    0m 11.13s: Init burn engine successful.
    0m 11.20s: StartNotify successful.
    0m 40.10s: opening drive E
    644m 35.31s: opening drive E
    0m 40.12s: opened i/o
    0m 40.12s: got media type 15
    644m 35.32s: opened i/o
    644m 35.37s: got media type 15
    0m 41.44s: got max lba 10085471
    644m 37.29s: got max lba 10085471
    0m 44.71s: got disc type 20
    0m 44.71s: type Blu-ray BDMV
    0m 44.71s: volume label ASSASSINS CREED LINEAGE
    0m 44.82s: opening drive E
    0m 44.94s: opened i/o
    644m 40.38s: got disc type 20
    644m 40.38s: type Blu-ray BDMV
    644m 40.38s: volume label ASSASSINS CREED LINEAGE
    0m 45.64s: got max lba 10085471
    0m 46.30s: got disc type 20
    0m 46.30s: internal path E:/BDMV/
    0m 46.31s: aacs 1 bd+ 0
    0m 49.96s: got discinfo
    0m 57.28s: got bdmv
    0m 57.28s: Vendor: ATAPI
    0m 57.28s: Product: iHOS104
    0m 57.28s: Revision: WL0F
    0m 57.28s: Vendor specific: 2010/11/25 13:54
    0m 57.28s: AACS version: 1
    0m 57.28s: Number of concurrent AGIDs: 3
    0m 57.28s: Supports bus encryption: NO
    0m 57.30s: Supports binding nonce generation: NO
    0m 57.30s: Supports Hybrid discs: NO
    0m 57.30s: got agid 0
    0m 58.37s: sent host cert chal
    0m 58.37s: got drive cert chal
    0m 58.37s: BEC 0
    0m 58.37s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0080
    1m 00.06s: got drive key
    1m 00.99s: got host key signature
    1m 00.99s: verified drive signature
    1m 00.99s: verified host signature
    1m 02.83s: sent host signature and key point
    1m 02.83s: got bus key
    1m 05.08s: got agid 0
    1m 06.16s: sent host cert chal
    1m 06.16s: got drive cert chal
    1m 06.16s: BEC 0
    1m 06.16s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0080
    1m 07.89s: got drive key
    1m 07.89s: got host key signature
    1m 07.89s: verified drive signature
    1m 07.89s: verified host signature
    1m 09.76s: sent host signature and key point
    1m 09.76s: got bus key
    1m 09.76s: got volume id
    1m 09.76s: got volume id mac
    1m 09.76s: volume id is correct
    1m 09.76s: got vid
    1m 10.07s: blu-ray 497C3FE6982817F3B52D33D0D5A612CF91F35A83
    1m 10.31s: cert BEE=0x00
    1m 12.21s: D 146A0589
    1m 12.23s: got vuk
    1m 12.27s: got unit key 1
    1m 36.02s: got extended bdinfo
    1m 36.02s: opened blu-ray
    1m 36.16s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    1m 36.23s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    2m 52.81s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    2m 52.95s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    3m 05.47s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    3m 05.61s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    3m 08.88s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    3m 09.02s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    3m 10.04s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    3m 10.19s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    3m 11.69s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    3m 11.83s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    3m 50.35s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    3m 50.49s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 08.14s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    5m 08.27s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 09.42s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    5m 09.55s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 12.76s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    5m 12.92s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 15.63s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    5m 15.77s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 16.77s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    5m 16.88s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 22.25s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    5m 22.36s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 26.97s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    5m 27.11s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 37.99s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    5m 38.13s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 41.51s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    5m 41.65s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    5m 59.87s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 00.00s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 02.20s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 02.31s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 05.43s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 05.57s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 08.74s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 08.86s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 09.84s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 09.95s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 10.75s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 10.83s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 11.79s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 11.90s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 14.80s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 14.94s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 17.16s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 17.27s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 17.83s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 17.91s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 18.72s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 18.88s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 20.03s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 20.17s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 24.60s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 24.71s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 25.40s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 25.54s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 26.99s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 27.10s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 28.39s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 28.50s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 30.06s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 30.17s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 30.86s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 30.93s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 31.56s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 31.65s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 33.71s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 33.85s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 34.58s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 34.66s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 35.49s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 35.60s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    6m 36.19s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    6m 36.28s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB
    7m 21.63s: opening drive E
    7m 21.63s: opened i/o
    651m 16.84s: opening drive E
    7m 21.63s: got media type 15
    651m 16.85s: opened i/o
    651m 16.90s: got media type 15
    7m 23.02s: got max lba 10085471
    651m 18.85s: got max lba 10085471
    7m 26.25s: got disc type 20
    7m 26.25s: type Blu-ray BDMV
    7m 26.25s: volume label ASSASSINS CREED LINEAGE
    7m 26.36s: opening drive E
    7m 26.47s: opened i/o
    651m 21.85s: got disc type 20
    651m 21.86s: type Blu-ray BDMV
    651m 21.86s: volume label ASSASSINS CREED LINEAGE
    7m 27.11s: got max lba 10085471
    7m 27.81s: got disc type 20
    7m 27.81s: internal path E:/BDMV/
    7m 27.83s: aacs 1 bd+ 0
    7m 31.79s: got discinfo
    7m 39.06s: got bdmv
    7m 39.06s: Vendor: ATAPI
    7m 39.06s: Product: iHOS104
    7m 39.06s: Revision: WL0F
    7m 39.06s: Vendor specific: 2010/11/25 13:54
    7m 39.08s: AACS version: 1
    7m 39.08s: Number of concurrent AGIDs: 3
    7m 39.08s: Supports bus encryption: NO
    7m 39.08s: Supports binding nonce generation: NO
    7m 39.08s: Supports Hybrid discs: NO
    7m 39.08s: got agid 0
    7m 40.15s: sent host cert chal
    7m 40.15s: got drive cert chal
    7m 40.15s: BEC 0
    7m 40.15s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0080
    7m 41.84s: got drive key
    7m 41.84s: got host key signature
    7m 41.84s: verified drive signature
    7m 41.84s: verified host signature
    7m 43.73s: sent host signature and key point
    7m 43.73s: got bus key
    7m 45.96s: got agid 0
    7m 47.03s: sent host cert chal
    7m 47.03s: got drive cert chal
    7m 47.03s: BEC 0
    7m 47.03s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0080
    7m 48.81s: got drive key
    7m 48.81s: got host key signature
    7m 48.81s: verified drive signature
    7m 48.81s: verified host signature
    7m 50.76s: sent host signature and key point
    7m 50.76s: got bus key
    7m 50.78s: got volume id
    7m 50.78s: got volume id mac
    7m 50.78s: volume id is correct
    7m 50.78s: got vid
    7m 51.07s: blu-ray 497C3FE6982817F3B52D33D0D5A612CF91F35A83
    7m 51.31s: cert BEE=0x00
    7m 53.10s: D 146A0589
    7m 53.10s: got vuk
    7m 53.16s: got unit key 1
    8m 16.78s: got extended bdinfo
    8m 16.78s: opened blu-ray
    8m 16.89s: WorkAttr::Init Start
    8m 16.97s: WorkAttr::Init OK: DVD_VOB