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    Blu-ray to DVD ( )

    The conversion & download to hard drive completes but writer tray will not open to remove Blu-ray source. Or say when it should be time for compatible media or detecting writable media writer tray will not open to remove Blu-ray source & insert writable media. What is my problem?

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    Steve Winwood

    once again blu-ray to dvd writer tray should open.

    Since writer did not open I tried preview.
    RESULTS; no preview since no re-encode -

    What is my problem?


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      DVDFab (2013/11/25 13:08:28)

      0m 03.43s: option dvd2dvd 0 dvd2mobile 0 bluray2bluray 1 bd2mobile 1 bd23d 1 bd2dvd 1 file2mobile 1 filemover 0
      0m 38.96s: detected blu-ray
      0m 38.98s: drive D
      0m 38.98s: blu-ray type 1
      0m 39.00s: volume label STEVE WINWOOD
      0m 39.32s: aacs 0 bd+ 0
      0m 39.32s: got discinfo
      0m 39.35s: got bdmv
      0m 40.99s: got extended bdinfo
      0m 41.01s: opened blu-ray
      1m 06.47s:


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        Post the internel log file for version 9 of Fab see link at the bottom of my post on how to post the correct log file.


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          DVDFab (2013/11/25 14:28:48)

          0m 00.10s: Start preload dll...
          0m 00.14s: Load dll successful.
          0m 00.15s: Start load fabplay dll...
          0m 00.20s: Load fabplay dll successful.
          0m 00.20s: Transfer settings successful.
          0m 00.21s: info: fabcheck logpath= C:\Users\i7-950\Documents\DVDFab\Log\
          0m 00.22s: fab_check_gpu is running ...
          0m 00.42s: fab_check_gpu run successful
          0m 00.42s: info: recommand= 8248, Shrink support= 1, enable= 1, cuda_cap= 1 , cpu_count= 8
          0m 00.43s: GPUAccelerate: 12344
          0m 00.43s: GPUAccelerate setting: 8248, 8248
          0m 00.43s: CUDA cap: 1
          0m 00.43s: Support coreavc decode: 0
          0m 00.43s: Lighting shrink status: 1, 1
          0m 00.44s: Graphics info: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 : 5.50 : 2.1
          0m 00.44s: Load config successful.
          0m 00.45s: Windows os type is: 13.
          0m 01.56s: Profile Manager :: End Load Profile
          2m 46.37s: OPList at BD Ripper : (4113.2),(4352.2),(4353.2)
          2m 46.38s: Blu-ray ripper (3D Plus) check watermark flag: 0
          2m 46.42s: Blu-ray to DVD output is: Nonsupport output type 2m 46.43s: ------------------ convert work begin(1/1) ------------------
          2m 46.43s: create config(bluray2video)
          2m 46.44s: info: use profile(DVD_VOB)
          2m 46.44s: info: bluray playlist(3),angle(0),chapter(1->7),BDAV(no)
          2m 46.44s: info: 3D working_mode(disable), 3D format(sbs_lef_right)
          2m 46.50s: info: stream input@ Video(4113)[codec(h264) size(1920*1080) fps(30000/1001) interlace(1) opcode(compress)]
          2m 46.51s: info: set output video frame_rate(30000/1001)
          2m 46.51s: info: stream output Video(4113)[codec(mpeg2video) size(720*480) fps(30000/1001) interlace(1)]
          2m 46.51s: info: stream input@ Audio(4352)[codec(dca) channels(6) sample(48000) bitrate(0) bitdepth(24) opcode(compress)]
          2m 46.52s: info: stream output Audio(4352)[codec(ac3) channels(6) sample(48000) bitrate(448000) bitdepth(16)]
          2m 46.52s: info: stream input@ Audio(4353)[codec(pcm_bluray) channels(2) sample(48000) bitrate(2304000) bitdepth(24) opcode(compress)]
          2m 46.53s: info: stream output Audio(4353)[codec(ac3) channels(2) sample(48000) bitrate(448000) bitdepth(16)]
          2m 46.53s: info: SubMode(Remux) -- Display Only forced Subtitle(false)
          2m 46.55s: CUDA GPU acceleration for video decoding enabled
          2m 46.62s: info: processing source(00004.m2ts)
          31m 19.12s: error: filter name(bd_demux), type(1), id(26), get std_exception(bad allocation)
          31m 22.11s: info: audio_decode finish job
          31m 22.11s: info: audio_decode finish job
          31m 22.28s: total size of the output vob file:1691MB
          31m 22.28s: error: Work 1 failed, Error = control graph control_filter_error error: filter name(bd_demux), type(1), id(26), get std_exception(bad allocation)

          31m 22.29s: ------------------ convert work failed ------------------


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            2m 46.55s: CUDA GPU acceleration for video decoding enabled
            Try going into Fab settings and check the box use all software and try again.When done go back and turn cuda back on and uncheck the box use all software as its much slower.

            Update your Fab program to the new beta also.If this doesn't work try version 8 of Fab.

            Don't pm logs to me as you will get faster service in the forum as others can answer or read your logs maybe faster than I can and get back to you also developers need to read them to see what went wrong to take care of any bugs in the next version of Fab.I keep very busy in the forum and keep my Pm open for things i am working on with those I am working with on harder problems.