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Bit confused with the settings?

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  • Bit confused with the settings?

    I'm new to the forum and to DVD Fab9. I could use DVD 8 no problem but recently copied "now you see me" and the resulting playback caused the movie to pause after each of the chapters. This is a pain.... Does anyone recognise the settings that cause this and what do I have to do to rectify it. I read the manual but nothing jumped out at me.

    Any help would be good.


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    You need to post your internal log Pete so those that know can see what you are doing.
    How to post the internal log

    Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.
    Albert Einstein


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      It will also help if we knew what your playback device is.


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        Sorry guys

        I think this is what you are looking for. I copied three Blu Rays that night to let my son watch them. They were all done at the same time so the settings would have been the same. He has only watched The Wolverine which was the one with the problem viewing. He has an LG Blu Ray Player which is only 1 year old.

        I copied Man of Steel for him yesterday using DVD 8 as I know that works very well.

        Here is the log...I think!

        Thanks for your help so far

        DVDFab (2013/11/23 18:47:20)

        0m 00.16s: Start preload dll...
        0m 00.21s: Load dll successful.
        0m 00.21s: Start load fabplay dll...
        0m 00.28s: Load fabplay dll successful.
        0m 00.28s: Transfer settings successful.
        0m 00.29s: info: fabcheck logpath= C:\Users\Pete\Documents\DVDFab9\Log\
        0m 00.31s: fab_check_gpu is running ...
        0m 00.79s: fab_check_gpu run successful
        0m 00.79s: info: recommand= 0, Shrink support= 0, enable= 0, cuda_cap= 0 , cpu_count= 8
        0m 00.80s: GPUAccelerate: 455
        0m 00.80s: GPUAccelerate setting: 0, 0
        0m 00.81s: CUDA cap: 0
        0m 00.81s: Support coreavc decode: 0
        0m 00.81s: Lighting shrink status: 0, 0
        0m 00.82s: Graphics info: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series : :
        0m 00.83s: Load config successful.
        0m 00.83s: Windows os type is: 14.
        0m 00.91s: Parse string is: 20:1412964626
        0m 00.92s: Parse string is: 60:1413054635
        0m 00.92s: Parse string is: OV:9106
        0m 00.92s: Parse string is: BV:9102
        0m 00.93s: Parse string is: S:91e70ee38c7a63cd4e6bd62edaa2a802
        0m 00.94s: Option check status: Local
        0m 00.94s: HD Decrypter-1-0-215811
        0m 00.94s: DVD to DVD (Gold)-1-0-215811
        0m 00.95s: DVD to DVD-1-0-215811
        0m 00.95s: DVD to Mobile-1-0-215811
        0m 00.96s: Blu-ray to Blu-ray-1-1-20141011
        0m 00.96s: Blu-ray to Mobile-1-0-215811
        0m 00.96s: File to Mobile-1-0-215811
        0m 00.97s: Blu-ray to DVD-1-1-20141012
        0m 00.97s: File to DVD-1-0-215811
        0m 00.98s: File to Blu-ray-1-0-215811
        0m 00.98s: File Mover-1-0-215811
        0m 00.98s: Blu-ray to 3D-1-0-215811
        0m 00.99s: 2D to 3D-1-0-215811
        0m 00.99s: Blu-ray Decrypt-1-0-200011
        0m 01.00s: DVD Decrypt-1-0-200011
        0m 01.00s: Start get sys number.
        0m 01.00s: Get advertising info start
        0m 01.01s: Product type is: 2
        0m 01.01s: Serial number is: c8-60-00-c0-37-15
        0m 01.02s: Reg URL link is: https://www.dvdfabstore.com/auth/v2/
        0m 01.01s: Advertising id: 1
        0m 01.02s: Version is: 9106
        0m 01.03s: URL link is: http://www.dvdfabstore.com/recommend/
        0m 01.03s: Product is: 2
        0m 01.03s: Language type is: ENU
        0m 01.04s: Connect type is: 0
        0m 01.23s: Init GPU settings successful.
        0m 01.24s: CommmandLine: "G:\"
        0m 01.59s: Profile Manager :: End Load Profile
        0m 02.06s: Times of connecting error is: 0
        0m 02.07s: Parse string is: 20:1412964626
        0m 02.08s: Parse string is: 60:1413054635
        0m 02.08s: Parse string is: OV:9106
        0m 02.09s: Parse string is: BV:9102
        0m 02.09s: Parse string is: S:4ba812b533dc7fd917ad65dcf53726fd
        0m 02.10s: Option check status: NewWork
        0m 02.11s: HD Decrypter-1-0-215811
        0m 02.11s: DVD to DVD (Gold)-1-0-215811
        0m 02.12s: DVD to DVD-1-0-215811
        0m 02.12s: DVD to Mobile-1-0-215811
        0m 02.12s: Blu-ray to Blu-ray-1-1-20141011
        0m 02.13s: Blu-ray to Mobile-1-0-215811
        0m 02.13s: File to Mobile-1-0-215811
        0m 02.13s: Blu-ray to DVD-1-1-20141012
        0m 02.14s: File to DVD-1-0-215811
        0m 02.14s: File to Blu-ray-1-0-215811
        0m 02.15s: File Mover-1-0-215811
        0m 02.15s: Blu-ray to 3D-1-0-215811
        0m 02.15s: 2D to 3D-1-0-215811
        0m 02.16s: Blu-ray Decrypt-1-0-200011
        0m 02.16s: DVD Decrypt-1-0-200011
        0m 10.40s: Begin init preview play engine.
        0m 10.53s: Init internal engine successful.
        0m 11.32s: Init burn engine successful.
        0m 20.52s: Init driveX with I/O mode: 0
        0m 20.53s: Init driveX with I/O mode: 0
        0m 20.54s: opening drive G
        0m 20.54s: opened i/o
        0m 20.55s: got media type 15
        0m 20.96s: got max lba 22404543
        0m 22.10s: got disc type 20
        0m 22.11s: type Blu-ray BDMV
        0m 22.11s: volume label THE_WOLVERINE
        0m 22.13s: opening drive D
        0m 22.14s: opened i/o
        0m 22.15s: Open blu-ray disc expired time: 215811
        0m 22.15s: internal path G:/BDMV/
        0m 23.52s: aacs 1 bd+ 1
        0m 24.07s: got bdmv
        0m 24.37s: movie name: the wolverine||the_wolverine
        0m 24.38s: got agid 0
        0m 24.40s: sent host cert chal
        0m 24.41s: got drive cert chal
        0m 24.41s: BEC 1
        0m 24.42s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0074
        0m 24.44s: got drive key
        0m 24.45s: got host key signature
        0m 24.45s: verified drive signature
        0m 24.45s: verified host signature
        0m 24.48s: sent host signature and key point
        0m 24.48s: got bus key
        0m 24.49s: got volume id
        0m 24.49s: got volume id mac
        0m 24.49s: volume id is correct
        0m 24.50s: got vid
        0m 24.59s: blu-ray 98B0138B5EA68D614908A7CD2F8B7B6EC89E0807
        0m 24.95s: cert BEE=0x80 same
        0m 26.63s: got agid 0
        0m 26.65s: sent host cert chal
        0m 26.66s: got drive cert chal
        0m 26.67s: BEC 1
        0m 26.67s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0074
        0m 26.70s: got drive key
        0m 26.70s: got host key signature
        0m 26.71s: verified drive signature
        0m 26.71s: verified host signature
        0m 26.74s: sent host signature and key point
        0m 26.74s: got bus key
        0m 29.62s: D E387174A
        0m 40.49s: Init setting page successful.
        1m 19.19s: got vuk
        1m 19.20s: got fut
        1m 19.40s: got agid 0
        1m 19.42s: sent host cert chal
        1m 19.42s: got drive cert chal
        1m 19.43s: BEC 1
        1m 19.43s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0074
        1m 19.43s: AACS bus encryption is enabled
        1m 19.46s: got drive key
        1m 19.46s: got host key signature
        1m 19.47s: verified drive signature
        1m 19.47s: verified host signature
        1m 19.49s: sent host signature and key point
        1m 19.50s: got bus key
        1m 19.50s: got data key
        1m 19.61s: got unit key 7
        1m 43.60s: got bdmv
        1m 49.99s: got extended bdinfo
        1m 49.99s: opened blu-ray
        2m 15.41s: Work Profile : MP4
        3m 15.27s: Work Profile : DVD_VOB
        3m 54.42s: OPList at BD Ripper : (4113.2),(4352.2),(4353.2),(4354.2),(4608.32),(460 9.32)
        3m 54.43s: Blu-ray ripper (3D Plus) check watermark flag: 0
        3m 54.44s: Blu-ray to DVD output is: DVD5 3m 54.45s: ------------------ convert work begin(1/1) ------------------
        3m 54.46s: create config(bluray2video)
        3m 54.47s: info: use profile(DVD_VOB)
        3m 54.47s: info: bluray playlist(800),angle(0),chapter(1->37),BDAV(no)
        3m 54.48s: info: 3D working_mode(disable), 3D format(sbs_lef_right)
        3m 54.52s: info: change opcode! audio[4354][codec(ac3) channels(6) sample(48000) bitrage(448000)] is the same as output[ac3,6,48000,448000], only copy it
        3m 54.53s: info: stream input@ Video(4113)[codec(h264) size(1920*1080) fps(24000/1001) interlace(0) opcode(compress)]
        3m 54.53s: info: set output video frame_rate(24000/1001)
        3m 54.54s: info: stream output Video(4113)[codec(mpeg2video) size(720*480) fps(24000/1001) interlace(0)]
        3m 54.54s: info: stream input@ Audio(4352)[codec(dca) channels(8) sample(48000) bitrate(0) bitdepth(24) opcode(compress)]
        3m 54.55s: info: stream output Audio(4352)[codec(ac3) channels(6) sample(48000) bitrate(448000) bitdepth(16)]
        3m 54.56s: info: stream input@ Audio(4353)[codec(ac3) channels(2) sample(48000) bitrate(224000) bitdepth(0) opcode(compress)]
        3m 54.56s: info: stream output Audio(4353)[codec(ac3) channels(2) sample(48000) bitrate(448000) bitdepth(16)]
        3m 54.57s: info: stream input@ Audio(4354)[codec(ac3) channels(6) sample(48000) bitrate(448000) bitdepth(0) opcode(copy)]
        3m 54.57s: info: stream output Audio(4354)[codec(ac3) channels(6) sample(48000) bitrate(448000) bitdepth(0)]
        3m 54.58s: info: stream input@ SubPicture(4608)[codec(pgssub) language(English) opcode(remux)]
        3m 54.58s: info: stream output SubPicture(4608)[codec(dvdsub) language(English)]
        3m 54.58s: info: stream input@ SubPicture(4609)[codec(pgssub) language(English) opcode(remux)]
        3m 54.59s: info: stream output SubPicture(4609)[codec(dvdsub) language(English)]
        3m 54.59s: info: SubMode(Remux) -- Display Only forced Subtitle(false)
        3m 54.60s: info: enable multi-thread software decoder
        3m 54.62s: info: processing source(00800.m2ts)
        13m 58.29s: info: Find Forced Subtitle Stream : PID(4608), Language(English), First Time At(timestamp: 00:20:52:668)
        33m 14.98s: Init driveX with I/O mode: 0
        33m 14.99s: Init driveX with I/O mode: 0
        33m 15.00s: opening drive G
        33m 15.01s: opened i/o
        33m 15.02s: got media type 15
        33m 15.61s: got max lba 22404543
        33m 18.05s: got disc type 20
        33m 18.06s: type Blu-ray BDMV
        33m 18.06s: volume label THE_WOLVERINE
        33m 18.27s: opening drive D
        33m 18.27s: opened i/o
        33m 18.29s: Open blu-ray disc expired time: 215811
        33m 18.29s: internal path G:/BDMV/
        33m 21.25s: user cancelled
        33m 21.25s: failed to open 1
        67m 30.25s: info: audio_decode finish job
        67m 30.26s: info: audio_decode finish job
        67m 33.25s: audio_encode finish job
        67m 33.26s: audio_encode finish job
        68m 19.22s: total size of the output vob file:4331MB
        68m 19.26s: ------------------ convert work finished ------------------
        68m 19.27s: write vts bup E:/Video/Blu Ray to DVD/Wolverine/DVD/THE_WOLVERINE/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.IFO.
        68m 19.27s: write vts bup E:/Video/Blu Ray to DVD/Wolverine/DVD/THE_WOLVERINE/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.BUP.
        68m 19.28s: write vmg ifo E:/Video/Blu Ray to DVD/Wolverine/DVD/THE_WOLVERINE/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO.
        68m 19.29s: write vmg bup E:/Video/Blu Ray to DVD/Wolverine/DVD/THE_WOLVERINE/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.BUP.
        69m 14.41s: Preview log : pfn_releaseplayer end
        69m 14.44s: Preview log : pfn_deinit end
        69m 14.46s: Preview log : FreeLibrary end
        69m 42.02s: Preview log : pfn_releaseplayer end
        69m 42.05s: Preview log : pfn_deinit end
        69m 42.06s: Preview log : FreeLibrary end


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          I would advise updating to and giving it another shot.
          How to post the internal log

          Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.
          Albert Einstein