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Blu to DVD fails, hangs

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  • Blu to DVD fails, hangs

    Will follow soon with log but offer early solutions.
    Steve Winwood Live USA -

    Failed Blu to DVD but it operates well in Blu-ray Copy
    In fact my dvdfab operates perfect buy Blu to DVD fails.

    Do you have early hints to solution.
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    posting log

    0m 00.10s: App info: 2014-1-22
    0m 00.10s: App info: 9125 Official
    0m 00.10s: App info: client type 2.
    0m 00.12s: Fabplay load: preload successful.
    0m 00.18s: Fabplay load: Load successful.
    0m 00.18s: Init process: Transfer settings successful.
    0m 00.18s: info: fabcheck logpath= C:/Users/i7-950/Documents/DVDFab9/Log/
    0m 00.20s: fab_check_gpu is running ...
    0m 00.40s: fab_check_gpu run successful
    0m 00.40s: info: recommand= 8248, Shrink support= 1, enable= 1, cuda_cap= 1 , cpu_count= 8
    0m 00.40s: GPU check: GPUAccelerate-12351
    0m 00.40s: GPU check: GPUAccelerate setting-8248, 8248
    0m 00.40s: GPU check: CUDA cap-1
    0m 00.40s: GPU check: Support coreavc decode-0
    0m 00.40s: GPU check: Lighting shrink status-1, 1
    0m 00.40s: GPU check: Graphics info: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 : 6.0 : 2.1
    0m 00.42s: Init process: Load config successful.
    0m 00.42s: Init process: Windows os type is 13.
    0m 00.42s: Init process: command line in is
    0m 00.48s: Reg check: Parse string: ( 20:1404976547 )( 60:1446229231 )( OV:9125 )( BV:9123 )( S:8fd94352f66da89f72c72370f4c24e92 )
    0m 00.49s: Reg check: Option check status-Local
    0m 00.49s: Reg check: ( HD Decrypter:1:0 )-( DVD to DVD (Gold):1:0 )-( DVD to DVD:1:0 )-( DVD to Mobile:1:0 )-( Blu-ray to Blu-ray:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to Mobile:1:0 )-( File to Mobile:1:0 )-( Blu-ray to DVD:1:1 )-( File to DVD:1:0 )-( File to Blu-ray:1:0 )-( File Mover:1:0 )-( Blu-ray to 3D:1:0 )-( 2D to 3D:1:0 )-( Blu-ray Decrypt:1:0 )-( DVD Decrypt:1:0 )-
    0m 00.49s: App info: language type ENU.
    0m 00.49s: Reg check: Start get sys number.
    0m 00.49s: Reg check: Serial number is: 20-aa-4b-64-86-31
    0m 00.49s: Init process: Init GPU settings successful.
    0m 00.49s: Reg check: Connect type is: 0
    0m 00.63s: Init preview: Begin init preview play engine.
    0m 00.93s: Init preview: Init internal engine successful.
    0m 01.52s: Burn engine: start init.
    0m 01.62s: Burn engine: engine type-0.
    0m 01.62s: Burn engine: writer count 1.
    0m 01.62s: Burn engine: 0- D:\ [HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH10LS30 1.02 (Ide)].
    0m 01.62s: Burn engine: end init.
    0m 01.90s: Profile Manager :: End Load Profile
    0m 02.59s: Init process: Init setting page successful.
    0m 03.73s: Reg check: Times of connecting error is: 0
    0m 03.73s: Reg check: Parse string: ( S:713bced45c944e71b465cb236a448d3d
    0m 03.74s: Reg check: Option check status-NewWork
    0m 07.80s: UI manager: switch to Copy mode.
    0m 09.26s: Init process: init main ui successful.
    0m 09.31s: Init process: show main ui successful.
    0m 09.31s: DriveX msg: Init driveX D with I/O mode: 0
    0m 09.32s: opening drive D
    0m 09.33s: opened i/o
    0m 09.34s: got media type 15
    0m 11.93s: got max lba 10542303
    0m 12.61s: got disc type 20
    0m 12.61s: type Blu-ray BDMV
    0m 12.61s: volume label STEVE WINWOOD
    0m 12.62s: DriveX msg: add media in driveX D.
    0m 12.62s: DriveX msg: send open media msg to thread for driveX D.
    0m 12.73s: Source manager: add source id 0.
    0m 12.74s: Open blu-ray disc expired time: 215811
    0m 12.75s: internal path D:/BDMV/
    0m 12.75s: aacs 1 bd+ 0
    0m 14.80s: got bdmv
    0m 14.81s: movie name: STEVE WINWOOD
    0m 14.82s: got agid 0
    0m 14.84s: sent host cert chal
    0m 14.84s: got drive cert chal
    0m 14.85s: BEC 0
    0m 14.85s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0116
    0m 14.88s: got drive key
    0m 14.89s: got host key signature
    0m 14.89s: verified drive signature
    0m 14.89s: verified host signature
    0m 14.93s: sent host signature and key point
    0m 14.93s: got bus key
    0m 14.93s: got volume id
    0m 14.93s: got volume id mac
    0m 14.94s: volume id is correct
    0m 14.94s: got vid
    0m 15.60s: blu-ray BC7E4C6116A5892DAA6EF54757CE2E9AD4868D74
    0m 15.80s: cert BEE=0x00
    0m 17.07s: got agid 0
    0m 17.09s: sent host cert chal
    0m 17.09s: got drive cert chal
    0m 17.09s: BEC 0
    0m 17.09s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0116
    0m 17.13s: got drive key
    0m 17.13s: got host key signature
    0m 17.13s: verified drive signature
    0m 17.14s: verified host signature
    0m 17.17s: sent host signature and key point
    0m 17.17s: got bus key
    0m 19.47s: D 96E4F738
    0m 19.48s: got vuk
    0m 19.48s: got unit key 1
    0m 19.49s: blupath: disc type changed
    0m 23.86s: got bdmv
    0m 25.24s: got extended bdinfo
    0m 25.24s: opened blu-ray
    0m 25.24s: Source manager: open successful.
    0m 25.77s: Work manager: create BD mainmoive work 0 with source 0 and uiinfo 0.
    0m 53.33s: UILog:OnMsgToolbar_Start
    0m 53.33s: UILog:Msg Start : ready start
    0m 53.33s: UILog:Msg Start : start test run work
    0m 53.34s: UILog:right button to null, work falg = -1
    0m 53.34s: UILog:Msg Start : run work
    0m 53.34s: UILog:Run current Work.
    0m 53.41s: UILog:Begin work copy or converter.
    0m 53.41s: UILog:start running at thread.
    0m 53.42s: UILog:return flag at start running at thread ok.
    0m 53.48s: BD MainMovie watermark flag: 0
    0m 53.48s: UILog:MsgWork:WorkStatus_Start
    0m 53.49s: Blu-ray Copy: Main Movie
    0m 53.49s: Source: D:/BDMV/
    0m 53.49s: Playlist: 3
    0m 53.49s: Chapters: 1 -> 7
    0m 53.50s: TotalSize: 16656 MB
    0m 53.50s: SourceSize: 16656 MB
    0m 53.50s: RemoveHDAudio: 0
    0m 53.50s: CompressToAC3: 0
    0m 53.50s: OutputSize: 23000 MB
    0m 53.51s: OutputDisc: BDMV
    0m 53.51s: OutputTarget: BD50
    0m 53.51s: OutputVideo: 1080p/i
    21m 41.46s: UILog:MsgWork:WorkStatus_Start
    21m 41.51s: DriveX msg: remove media in driveX D.
    21m 55.64s: opening drive D
    21m 55.65s: opened i/o
    21m 55.65s: DriveX msg: media open(false) failed in driveX D.
    24m 18.51s: Burn data size is: 16656
    24m 18.52s: Burn disc space is: 23866
    24m 18.82s: burn folder C:/Users/i7-950/Documents/DVDFab9/Temp/MainMovie/STEVE WINWOOD/ with DVDFab
    37m 33.88s: UILog:MsgWork:current work finish : 3
    37m 33.96s: connect 0 : start.
    37m 36.15s: connect 0 : 1:1
    37m 39.71s: DriveX msg: remove media in driveX D.
    38m 07.85s: DriveX msg: adding media in driveX D.
    50m 17.32s: UILog:OnMsgToolbar_BurnFinish
    50m 17.32s: UILog:MsgWork:current work finish : 3
    50m 17.32s: UILog:Run Work to end.
    50m 22.35s: Exit process: stop running.
    50m 22.36s: Exit process: preview pfn_releaseplayer end
    50m 22.39s: Exit process: preview pfn_deinit end
    50m 22.39s: Exit process: preview FreeLibrary end


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      Please post the log file with BD to DVD Conversion progress.


      Please post your logs the default location is:
      For DVDFab9_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab9\Log
      For DVDFab10_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab10\Log
      For Mac: /User/User name/Documents/DVDFab10/Log
      Please use attachment button and attach your most recent, Internal log and post right here.
      If it's the burning issue, please also attach burn log.



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        Blue ray toDVD

        I am having the same problem. It just hangs or tells me it has to shut down due to an error. the option to convert Bluray to DVD does not show up on the main page. On the drop down menu to choose an output disc, no DVD 5 or 9 shows up only BD options. when choosing convert to DVD, it takes me to a window where I have to pic a stupid looking menu. this did not happen in other releases. I can't revert back to a previous version because I chose the direct install option. Seems whenever I go to update, there is always something else messed up.


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          Hi watermark1350
          Please read the post above yours and post the internal log.
          If you need an earlier version, you can find them there http://www.oldapps.com/dvdfab.php, no betas, just official releases.
          If you need a beta send me a pm with your e-mail address, I will send it to you.
          Even if it's a little thing, do something for those who have need of help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it.

          Setting Up ImgBurn and DVDFab to work together

          Tips for Posting DVDFab Logs in the Forum