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  • Blu Ray to DVD Error

    Blu Ray to DVD option fails.

    Backed up disc to iso using Clone/Burn mode fine. When I tried to burn a DVD from the iso using Blu Ray to DVD I get Windows dialog box pop up saying DVDFab9 has stopped working.


    DVDFab (2014/04/16 15:38:12)

    0m 00.03s: Init Public log : enabled.
    0m 00.03s: Init Private log : finish.
    0m 00.03s: App info: 2014-4-8
    0m 00.03s: App info: 9138 Beta
    0m 00.03s: Init CrashReportSettings : enabled.
    0m 00.03s: Init DVDInfo_Log : enabled.
    0m 00.04s: Init Qt_Log : disabled.
    0m 00.20s: Profile Manager :: Begin Load Profile
    0m 00.20s: Profile Manager :: End Load Profile
    0m 00.21s: Qt Translator file load success
    0m 00.21s: App info: client type 2.
    0m 00.23s: Fabplay load: preload successful.
    0m 00.29s: Fabplay load: Load successful.
    0m 00.29s: Init process: Transfer settings successful.
    0m 00.29s: info: fabcheck logpath= C:/Users/Michael/Documents/DVDFab9/Log/
    0m 00.29s: fab_check_gpu is running ...
    0m 00.48s: fab_check_gpu run successful
    0m 00.48s: info: recommand= 8248, Shrink support= 1, enable= 1, cuda_cap= 1 , cpu_count= 8
    0m 00.48s: GPU check: GPUAccelerate-12351
    0m 00.49s: GPU check: GPUAccelerate setting-8248, 8248
    0m 00.49s: GPU check: CUDA cap-1
    0m 00.49s: GPU check: Support coreavc decode-0
    0m 00.49s: GPU check: Lighting shrink status-1, 1
    0m 00.49s: GPU check: Graphics info 1: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 : 5.0 : 2.1
    0m 00.49s: Init process: Load config successful.
    0m 00.49s: Init process: Windows os type is 13.
    0m 00.49s: Init process: command line in is
    0m 00.68s: Reg check: Parse string: ( 2:8260762964 )( 11:8260762964 )( 20:8260762964 )( 60:8260762964 )( 21:8260762964 )( 22:8260762964 )( 200:8260762964 )( 1:0 )( OV:9138 )( BV:9139 )( S:ebb15eea27e8efce424dad75c7ec9a17 )
    0m 00.68s: Reg check: Option check status-Local
    0m 00.68s: Reg check: ( HD Decrypter:1:0 )-( DVD to DVD (Gold):0:0 )-( DVD to DVD:1:1 )-( DVD to Mobile:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to Blu-ray:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to Mobile:1:1 )-( File to Mobile:1:0 )-( Blu-ray to DVD:1:1 )-( File to DVD:1:0 )-( File to Blu-ray:1:0 )-( File Mover:1:0 )-( Blu-ray to 3D:1:1 )-( 2D to 3D:1:0 )-( Blu-ray Decrypt:1:0 )-( DVD Decrypt:1:0 )-
    0m 00.68s: App info: language type ENU.
    0m 00.70s: Reg check: Start get sys number.
    0m 00.70s: Reg check: Serial number is: 00-26-83-13-7f-37:bc-ae-c5-ce-a6-4e
    0m 00.70s: Reg check: Connect type is: 0
    0m 00.70s: Init process: Init GPU settings successful.
    0m 00.81s: Init preview: Begin init preview play engine.
    0m 00.81s: Init preview: Begin init preview play engine(XBMC).
    0m 01.25s: Reg check: Times of connecting error is: 0
    0m 01.25s: Reg check: Parse string: ( S:cfbb077ca5868bcba609b78ce4c949a7
    0m 01.26s: Reg check: Option check status-NewWork
    0m 02.01s: Init preview: Init internal engine successful.
    0m 02.67s: Burn engine: start init.
    0m 02.90s: Burn engine: engine type-0.
    0m 02.91s: Burn engine: writer count 2.
    0m 02.91s: Burn engine: 0- G:\ [HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH10LS30 1.00 (Ide)].
    0m 02.91s: Burn engine: 1- I:\ [ATAPI iHES208 2 8L0C (Ide)].
    0m 02.91s: Burn engine: end init.
    0m 03.64s: Init process: Init setting page successful.
    0m 03.65s: QtLog Mode = false
    0m 03.65s: Show UI Step 2
    0m 03.93s: Show UI Step 3
    0m 03.93s: Start show MainUI.
    0m 03.93s: UI manager: switch to Copy mode.
    0m 04.31s: allow_test : false
    0m 04.31s: fab_app_path : C:/Program Files (x86)/DVDFab 9/
    0m 04.31s: fab_app_name : DVDFab.exe
    0m 04.32s: fab_client_type : 2
    0m 04.32s: product_name : DVDFab
    0m 04.32s: test_url : http://www.dvdfab.cn
    0m 04.32s: down_url : http://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm?ver=9
    0m 04.32s: current_version_type : Beta
    0m 04.32s: update_temp_path : E:/DVD/Temp/Temp/updateTemp/
    0m 04.33s: current_version : 9138
    0m 04.33s: language_name : ENU
    0m 04.33s: qm_file : C:/Program Files (x86)/DVDFab 9/QLanguage/FabQt_ENU.qm
    0m 04.33s: allow_beta : false
    0m 04.37s: Init process: init main ui successful.
    0m 04.42s: Init process: show main ui successful.
    0m 04.42s: DriveX msg: Init driveX G with I/O mode: 0
    0m 04.42s: DriveX msg: Init driveX H with I/O mode: 0
    0m 04.42s: DriveX msg: Init driveX I with I/O mode: 0
    0m 04.47s: opening drive G
    0m 04.50s: opened i/o
    0m 04.50s: got media type 14
    0m 04.51s: got max lba 0
    0m 04.51s: DriveX msg: media open(false) failed in driveX G.
    0m 11.67s: opening drive G
    0m 11.70s: opened i/o
    0m 11.70s: got media type 14
    0m 11.71s: got max lba 0
    0m 11.72s: opening drive H
    0m 11.72s: opened i/o
    0m 11.73s: opening drive I
    0m 11.75s: opened i/o
    0m 27.09s: Source manager: select file for open E:/DVD/Frozen/FROZEN.iso.
    0m 27.09s: opening iso E:\DVD\Frozen\FROZEN.iso
    0m 27.10s: got media type 15
    0m 27.10s: got max lba 21061439
    0m 27.12s: got disc type 20
    0m 27.12s: type Blu-ray BDMV
    0m 27.13s: volume label FROZEN
    0m 27.13s: Source manager: add source id 0.
    0m 27.14s: Source open statusVD Yes, 2231-10-11
    0m 27.15s: Source open status:BD Yes, 2231-10-11
    0m 27.15s: internal path ]:/BDMV/
    0m 27.16s: aacs 0 bd+ 0
    0m 27.19s: got bdmv
    0m 27.39s: movie name: frozen||e:\dvd\frozen\frozen
    0m 27.49s: got bdmv
    0m 28.36s: got extended bdinfo
    0m 28.37s: opened blu-ray
    0m 28.37s: Source manager: open successful.
    0m 28.85s: terminate process
    I7-2600 3.4 GHz / Asus P8P67 / LG Corsair XMS 8GB DDR3 1600 / EVGA GEForce GTS-450 / 10X WH10LS30 10x Bluray Burner / Windows 7 Ultimate / Cisco E2000 Router / Argosy HV335T / D-Link DNS-321 & Linksys NAS200

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    Try turning off the GPU stuff and give it a try:
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      Along with 90312's advice Your not using the latest version of Fab with a brand new disk so update to version 9139 and try again.

      Also your LG blu ray burners firmwear is 2 versions out of date update to 102A0 the latest here http://www.firmwarehq.com/LG/WH10LS30/files.html.

      Make sure you follow all directions to the letter when updating drive firmware as you can make the blu ray drive useless if you don't.
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        And now 9040 is out so update to this latest version.


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          Thanks. Upgrade to 9.1.4 corrected the problem. I will also address firmware upgrade and will keep GPU option in mind if this problem every resurfaces. Thanks to all.
          I7-2600 3.4 GHz / Asus P8P67 / LG Corsair XMS 8GB DDR3 1600 / EVGA GEForce GTS-450 / 10X WH10LS30 10x Bluray Burner / Windows 7 Ultimate / Cisco E2000 Router / Argosy HV335T / D-Link DNS-321 & Linksys NAS200