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  • BD to DVD Saw the complete collection multi movie disc

    Multi movie disc has been able to upload 1 of 3 films

    Tried multiple times for the second film to be backed up on DVD DL but keeps stalling out at 26%

    Also get, when "canceling" operation the dvd fab is non-responsive error.

    Logs attached...can't seem to figure this one out.
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    Try clicking common settings - av codec and check disable all gpu codecs and switch everything to software. Retry the disc again


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      Your getting a 102 error with the processor log (error while reading) and the disk data is so close to the end of the disk. 1m 23.40s: Output disc type is : DVD9
      1m 27.43s: Burn data size is: 8100
      1m 27.43s: Burn disc space is: 8152

      I would try changing the compression in fab setting by check marking use all software and try again.It will take longer but may compress it a little smaller to fit the disk better.when done uncheck use all software so you go back to the Intel compression.Also clean the disk just in case theirs fingerprints or dirt on the blank disk.