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Full Disc Cinavia Removal Failure

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  • Full Disc Cinavia Removal Failure


    There is a problem with removing Cinavia in Full Disc Copy mode (I checked and the movies I had tried to remove the Cinavia form had been listed as supported). In Movie Only mode everything works perfectly.

    In previous versions of the software, I mean in 2018, the problem didn't occur.
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    2019.04.14-22:43:02: volume label DJANGO_UNCHAINED
    2019.04.14-22:43:04: blu-ray D11DBB41B796093C058341132B5C47E22618338A
    Hi, we've tried full disc Cinavia removing, it works with the latest version of DVDFab.
    Please kindly update DVDFab to have a try.
    Also, what is the country of the disc? Please provide a buy url, thanks.
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