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DVD9 split

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  • TomKov
    started a topic DVD9 split

    DVD9 split

    Trying to split a DVD9 into two DVD5 - the original DVD is not protected, and plays through without an issue. But when trying to split it with DVDFab, it goes through the first pass (copying to the hard disk), says completed 100%, but then continues without switching to pass two just eating CPU time, and after some 10 minutes exits with the message "cannot complete task, error 400", without any further details.
    After that, trying to do any other task, DVDFab silently crashes.

    Any ideas?

  • signals
    Hi TomKov and welcome to the new forum.

    We need some additional information to be able to help you (please read the Help Us Help You sticky).

    What copy mode are you using, i.e. Split, Customize Split, etc.? Is this a regular commercial movie DVD or something else?

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