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DVD burning error message

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  • DVD burning error message

    I have tried to burn several dvds (some brand new dvds) and I get a message that the dvdfab has stopped working and that windows is searching for a solution(never has one). It seems to get worse with every new update. I have tried emailing support and all they tell me is to update the key (already done and it doesn't always happen). It is getting very frustrating and I am not sure what to do. Does anyone else have this problem?

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    Give this a try go into common settings that is the green dot with the check mark in the top right corner of DVDFab. Then go into Pathplayer and change that to Always enabled if it not already


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      Tried, it still didn't work. Any other suggestions? Thank you!


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        OK, then with the amount of info you have supplied will have to ask you to do what is asked in this link Help Us Help You


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          Hi sassyascanbe14 and welcome,

          Yup, please do as AGJ suggests.
          One thing that's not clear re: the "stopped working" message.
          Does this actually occur during the burn process?
          The thread title would indicate this, but I suspect you may have used the term more generically.

          If yes during the burn, the burn logs would be a great help to us.
          Regardless, please include other logs and info mentioned by signals in Help Us Help You .

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            Same thing happens to me

            The same thing happens to me quite a lot. I followed the instructions and sent the logs in and have NEVER received and answer. All I get is an email telling me to download the newest version, even though I have already done so. It is VERY frustrating especially since I have actually PAID for this service. If you get an answer, please let the rest of us know.


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              you have not posted your logs. the dvdfab support and the forum are not one in the same. the forum is run by fellow users on our free time. support is from the authors, when a fix is available it will be posted in the release notes and/or in the problem threads.